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Drums editing from URM.jpeg


Editing is one of those tasks which sounds arduous at face value, especially when portrayed by audio engineers who work with lots of clients at once, and who want to skip to the creative bit - mixing!

I however, prefer to see it as a musical Sudoku puzzle. To me, there's nothing more satisfying than fixing mistimed drum hits while making the adjustments sound natural in the overheads. Tuning vocal harmonies makes my day to hear everything sounding tight and tidy, while maintaining the vocalists' character. Transforming stereo recorded rhythm guitar performance into a tight, wide monster is an incredible thrill, as is tuning a bass guitar performance to make it a supporting tank for the whole song.

A well-edited performance can often be the difference between a mix sounding like a demo, and sounding like the truly finished product. I've been trusted with editing a wide variety of genres, ranging from my usual Classical and Rock/Metal scene, all the way to Folk, Jazz fusion and Funk!

Classical editing is usually a different beast, and normally requires me to have been on site recording with the ensemble. However, if you're totally swamped, I'm happy to listen through all the takes with a score, and make my own edit of your recorded stems!

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