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Capture your sound

This is the first step in producing any recording - Wherever we find ourselves working together, attention to detail, comfort of musicians, and cracking the odd joke will be our top priorities.

Perfecting a performance

Editing is just something that needs to be done. Despite being time consuming, I find it one of the most satisfying parts of bringing music to life. Outsourcing editing can also help speed a project up, especially if you're working with multiple artists at once.





Where it all comes together

This is the main stage where a song starts to sound really polished - all of the musical elements are combined, with every detail taken into account. Conversations between myself and the artists bring out the best version of the music, which is either mastered in the same project, or sent on for external mastering.

The Final Stage

Originally a technical formatting exercise, the mastering process is now considered an art form, adding the final highlights to the music before it's sent out to be heard by the Public.

I normally master for CD and streaming services, but other formats are available with consultation.



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