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The Recording Process

Before recording, we will typically have a consultation call in advance of the session. This is to get to know each other, and organise any logistics - whether we're recording on location, or in a dry-hired studio. We'll also talk about the scope of your project, whether that's recording a band's new single, or recording and filming a full scale opera.

On the day(s) of recording, I'll arrive wherever we're working, and get set up in comfortable time before any of the artists arrive (where possible). We'll schedule in breaks for each day, and use the time as efficiently as possible.

While recording, I normally like to record two full runs of a piece of music - the first is to get the musicians warmed up to having microphones pointed at them, and the second is to get a more relaxed-feeling take to base my edits off of. From there, we will go through the music in smaller sections, to ensure that we capture every nuance. I'll be able to communicate with the musicians directly, feeding back on performance aspects, as well as cracking the occasional joke.

All in all, recording together promises to be a fun experience! 



Classical Location Recording

Classical Recording is a slightly different beast, which requires a little more logistical refinement - there may need to be more frequent breaks, or we may have greater time constraints within a venue. This will all get ironed out over a consultation call, so that the project runs as smoothly as possible, prioritising the music above everything else. We'll organise a clear schedule for all of the days we're working together, and a structure of listening to deliverables will also be established.

On the day, myself and any assistants I need will arrive at the venue well before any musicians arrive, in comfortable time for us to set up properly. Once the performers start arriving, we can make fine adjustments to microphone positioning, and make sure the comfort of everyone is accommodated for.

At the start of the session, I will request the loudest section of music we're working on together. This is so I can leave us plenty of volume headroom, and so the musicians can perform without restriction. We will then begin working through the pieces we're scheduled to record together!

For each piece, I will want to record either one or two full runs - this is to get everyone used to the feeling of performing the piece as if it was a live concert. We will then go over smaller sections of the piece in manageable chunks, to capture every nuance of the music without taking away from the overall feel. If a producer is with us on the project, they will be talking to the conductor and/or players through a speaker in the venue - else you'll have my voice to give feedback!

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